Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Diocese of San Bernardino, CA
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"Extend mercy toward others, so that there can be no one whom you meet without helping" 
--St. Vincent de Paul

Volunteers Serving San Bernardino - Riverside Counties

The very core of the Society's heart today lies within the beating hearts of over 140 volunteers, people who call themselves Vincentians. Our members come from all walks of life, from every cultural and ethnic background, age group, and economic level. They serve in the many parishes throughout the Diocese of San Bernardino.

They are united in an International spirit of humility and sharing. They are nourished by prayer and reflection.  They witness God's love by embracing the need for help wherever and whenever they find it. It is they who see the face of Christ when they look into the face of someone who is poor or needy.  It is they who do their work selflessly. Quietly aiding the poor.

Last year our Vincentian volunteers donated over 53,000 hours
to help their neighbors in need through the St. Vincent de Paul Society. 
Much of this time was committed to visiting the poor in their homes
and providing them with basic life essentials.

" is the innate movement of the heart that inspires every human being
to help his fellow man. It is a law of existence.
A volunteer experiences a joy that goes far beyond what he has done
when he succeeds in giving himself freely to others."
Pope John Paul II